Managed Technology for Business

Full-Service Managed Technology for a fixed monthly cost. Get up to speed with our Enterprise-grade Outsourcing, Virtualization, and Private Cloud solutions backed by a team of IT professionals. Manage your budget, focus on your business.

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Industry Focus

Having specialized in IT for small to mid-sized financial, trading, and law firms since 1999, we understand the challenges your business faces when it comes to technology. Though your company may be small in terms of employee headcount, your technology and infrastructure needs may rival those of an enterprise organization. Our full-service, enterprise-grade solutions address technical, business, and industry-specific challenges and can be leveraged to best meet your needs.

Aethion Systems helps your business

Reliable Performance

Gain access to reliable, high performance computing systems and services

Cost Savings

Avoid large capital expenditures

Optimize Expenses

Move IT from a capital and payroll expense to an operational expense

Security Upgrade

Improve IT security and compliance

Storage Solutions

Centralize data storage

Cost Management

Manage IT costs with predictable, fixed pricing

Greater ROI

Improve Productivity

Flexible Plans

Upgrade or downgrade technology as needed

Less Time and Hassle

Stop worrying about IT and focus on business

Integrate Everything

Integrate existing order management, portfolio management, practice management, CRM, or accounting software

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