Alto Desktop - The Virtual Desktop Service

Fully managed Cloud-based Desktops bring the future of computing to your Office.

Alto Desktop - The Virtual Desktop Service

What is Alto Desktop and Why is it Better?

Aethion Systems is now offering a virtualized office experience called Alto Desktop. Sometimes referred to as DaaS (Desktop as a Service), Alto Desktop is an alternative to expensive desktop computers for your employees. Unlike a traditional desktop computer, the Alto Desktop is not tethered to your desk nor is it destined to become obsolete. Alto Desktop resides in the "cloud" and works beautifully with zero client computers, which are essentially desktop displays with minimal processing power and no hard disks. All of the processing power, memory, and disk space comes from our hosted services. You'll love the performance, impressive flexibility, and cost advantages!

Rent a Cloud of Desktops.

Though the cloud metaphor is fitting, cloud-based solutions aren't really invisible systems floating around in the atmosphere. They are located in physical data centers where resources are rented to customers and delivered over private or public networks. Remote desktops typically include a certain amount of processing power, memory, hard disk space, and software. Once configured, you can access your remote desktop using virtually any Internet-connected computer or tablet.

Advantages of Alto Desktop

Save on Hardware Costs

Use inexpensive clients to access a high performance desktop.

Securely Managed Data

All data is centrally stored and backed up.

Always at your Fingertips

Access your Alto Desktop from virtually any computer or mobile device.

Stay Productive

Computer crashes are no longer devastating.

Work from an iPad

Run Microsoft Office apps natively on the iPad.

Money in the Bank

Offered "as a service" — no capital expenses, no depreciation.

No Hassle Maintenance

Updates, backups, and support are handled by the service provider.

Software is Included

Software licensing (i.e., Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, etc.) included in monthly price.

Flexible Pricing

Easy to add or remove capacity as needed.

It's no longer necessary to invest thousands of dollars on soon-to-be-obsolete computers, risk data loss, or limit your team's productivity. A better option exists: Alto Desktop.


Save Money, Revolutionize Productivity.

Think about this. You can access your Alto Desktop from a cheap workstation at the office, from a laptop when you’re traveling, or from a tablet at home. Regardless of which device you use, your Alto Desktop will look, perform, and act the same way. All of your software, files, settings, and bookmarks appear just as if you logged into a traditional workstation. With a remote desktop, the desktop's resources come from the data center not the computer you are using to access it. This means that even if you use a poorly equipped computer to connect, the remote desktop will perform as configured.

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