Managed Technology for Law Firms

Customized Legal IT Solutions, Private Cloud Services & Consulting for Law Firms.

World-Class Tech Standards.

Aethion Systems provides enterprise-class, virtualized services to law firms of all sizes, allowing your firm to adopt the latest technologies without large capital investments. Having served the legal industry since our founding in 1999, we understand the unique technical challenges lawyers face every day. It is our job to remove technical barriers so your legal team can work more efficiently whether in the office, conference room, or courtroom.

Expertly Managed Services.

  • Legal Platform Support (AbacusLaw, CompuLaw & more)
  • Hosted servers and network services
  • Remote "virtual" desktops (via Alto Desktop)
  • Best-of-class security technology
  • Traditional IT outsourcing
  • Legacy software systems integration
  • Secure online storage solutions
  • Managed IT services
  • 24/7 support

Tailor-Made for Your Law Firm.

Our history and experience serving the legal industry has caused our standards to become as high as yours. Aethion employees are extremely qualified, highly professional, and experts in the growing legal IT field. We work with you to develop a technology plan that is cost-effective, highly scalable and customized to fit your business goals. Aethion Systems takes methodology and best-practices used by larger companies and packages these premium legal IT services into an ideal product for smaller firms. Thus, even the smallest of firms can enjoy enterprise-class services and performance.

Available In Your Area.

Aethion's personalized world-class support is now available to almost any office location in the United States. The way this works is simple. After some initial on-site work to prepare your office, Aethion is able to manage your office machines remotely. Our technical staff can then be highly responsive with performing installs, upgrades, and any other needed support. If ever on-site work is required an IT professional will be immediately dispatched to your office. Focus your time on what's important, running your business.

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