Simple Fixed-Cost Pricing

Our Traditional IT Services are bundled into a Predictable Fixed-Cost Per Unit.

Keep-It-Simple with our Fixed-Cost Model.

Information technology may be complex, but pricing shouldn't be. We subscribe to the keep-it-simple philosophy and offer all-inclusive IT services using a fixed-cost model. After determining your requirements, we provide you with a simple breakdown and a flat monthly price. Not only do you save money by outsourcing your IT, there are no surprises when the bill arrives.


How does our Model Work?

Unlike other IT service companies with hefty hourly fees and unpredictable monthly costs, Aethion Systems has the flexibility to customize and bundle traditional IT services at a fixed-cost per unit. Our fixed-cost pricing varies based on each client's specific needs but typically includes everything required to deliver Enterprise-Class IT services such as:

Flexibility and Convenience.

As your technology needs change, additional units can be added or removed. Our services can also be obtained on a month-to-month basis as well, making it extremely convenient to add or remove services as your company grows or contracts.


Simple, Efficient, Cost-Effective.

With Aethion's fixed-cost IT services you save time and money each month, with no surprises. Our services can be scaled up or down as your technology needs change so there's no wasted budget. We offer a full menu of traditional and on-premises IT services with each solution tailored to your specific business needs. Get a personalized quote for your business by requesting a technical consultation with one of our professionals.


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