Traditional Technology Outsourcing

Outsourced Information Technology for Small to Mid-Sized Business.

Why Outsource Your IT Department to Us?

Outsourcing IT to Aethion Systems allows you to focus on your business without technical distractions or unexpected costs. Aethion Systems provides and manages everything including virtual computing resources, routine maintenance, computer and network security, backups, operating system updates, and much more. We offer everything from managed services, networking, hosted servers, virtual desktops, and online storage to complete software packages offered as a service — and more. Our hosted IT services enable your business to:

Reduce IT and Labor Costs

Move your IT budget from a capital and payroll expense to an operational expense. Your accounting folks will applaud you.

Focus on your Primary Business

Having office technology that is fully managed means more time for your team to focus on the primary goal, your business.

Reduce Risk

Gain peace of mind by knowing the job will be done right. Let our seasoned team of technology experts handle all the complex details.

Maintain Security & Compliance

Keep your technology systems updated with the appropriate level of security and compliance measures required for your industry.

Access Enterprise-Class Technology

Gain access to reliable, high-performance systems and technology services without the large capital investment.

Predict IT Costs

With our fixed-cost per unit pricing your monthly bill will always be predictable. No more surprises at the end of the month.

Tailor-Made Technology for a Predictable Price.

Aethion Systems provides financial services providers, law firms, and small to mid-sized business with enterprise-class IT services on a fixed-cost basis. With a history that predates Y2K, we are experienced in both traditional on-premises IT management and the latest virtualization technologies. In either case, our comprehensive IT services are tailored to the unique business needs of each client. Ensuring that all of your computing requirements are capably fulfilled at a predictable price is our top priority.



Business that's built on Relationships.

Our technical expertise is balanced by our commitment to our clients. We view our customers as partners and focus on building relationships. As a smaller IT outsourcing firm, we bring a passion and flexibility to our work. Both of which are hard to find at large, faceless organizations. We believe that building relationships with our clients is just as important as planning a network infrastructure or building a server. Our goal is to be readily accessible and willing to help when you need it. Think of Aethion as your personal IT concierge. Whether you're located near us in the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere in the country, Aethion Systems is committed to becoming an integral part of your team.


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